Advanced Items (marked with a rocket ship logo)

There are some items in Pathfinder that are marked with the Advanced rocket ship logo:

If you have added an item with this logo, or filled in or changed a field with this logo, Optimo Financial cannot guarantee the websolve results and you should submit the case to our Strategy Development Service (SDS) for our trained analysts to check.

If you fill in advanced items, you will still be able to do a web solve, however, you should be aware of the following:

  • You may not be able to choose all the options that you want
  • The results may not be what you require
  • The text-based results (e.g. action items, summary text) and charts may not cover the item (although the detailed reports should be complete)

When you submit the case, our trained analysts will ensure that the goals you require are implemented and the results are correct and complete.