Editing your Profile page

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Purpose of the 'Edit Profile' page

This page contains your personal and contact details.  Optimo Financial uses this information for:

  • Processing Payments - your personal details will be listed on your payment invoices and receipts
  • Contacting you if there is an issue with your case or you use the Strategy Development Service
  • Filling in information in the results documents for your cases. e.g. on the title page of an SOA you might have your name, company name and address. Note that your personal information is added to a case when you create the case. So if you change your profile information, all existing cases will have your old information and all cases you create after you make the change will use the new information.

How to get to the 'Edit Profile' page

  1. On the top right of Pathfinder, click your name, then Edit Profile:
    1. You will also be prompted to fill in this page if it is incomplete and you want to buy a case or submit a case to the SDS.
  2. Edit your details as appropriate:
    1. If you update your company details, they will be updated for all logins under your company.
  3. To save your changes, make sure you click the Update profile button at the end of the page (you may need to scroll down).

Video - Editing your Profile page