Fixed interest (term deposits, government bonds)

If a case has this item, it cannot be done with the websolve and needs to be submitted to the Fixed interest (term deposits, government bonds).

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What should be entered as Fixed Interest

  • The following should be added under Fixed Interest:
    • Term deposits
    • Directly owned Government/Industrial bonds, which can be:
      • Australian Bonds
      • International Bonds
  • (error) Do not enter under Fixed interest
    • Every day cash transaction accounts or savings accounts with no fixed term - These should be entered as a Cash account.
    • Bonds from a holding in a managed fund - these should be entered as a Shares/Managed fund with the Profile filled in as either 'Australian bonds' or 'International bonds'

How to add a Fixed interest account

To add a fixed interest account that is directly owned by one or more individuals:

  • To add an existing fixed interest account - Go to the Current situation step (top menu), then the Assets & Loans sub-step, and then click the Add Assets button (on the left menu).
  • To add anew fixed interest account - Go to the Cash flows & Goals step (top menu), then the Review Assets & Loans step, and then click the Add new Assets & Loans button (at the end of the page)

To add an existing fixed interest account to an existing SMSF or Trust:

    • Go to the Current step (top menu), then the Super & Trusts sub-step.
    • Add the SMSF or Trust
    • Then click the Add investment to SMSF button (or equivalent for a Trust)
  • To add a new Fixed Interest account to an SMSF or Trust:
    • Go to the Cash flows & Goals step (top menu) and choose the Review super funds (for SMSFs) or Review Trusts sub-step
    • If the fixed interest it to be held in an existing SMSF or Trust, find it in the 'Existing SMSF' or 'Existing Trust' section and then click the Add new investment to SMSF button (or equivalent for a Trust) and choose Fixed interest
    • If the fixed interest is to be held in a new SMSF or Trust, click the Start a new SMSF or Start a new Trust button, and then click the Add new investment to SMSF button (or equivalent for a Trust) and choose Fixed interest.

Modelling options for Fixed Interest

Set term for withdrawals

You can put the term in the 'Term remaining (years)' field. It should be: The number of years remaining before the existing term deposit reaches maturity. This must be a whole number (no fractions). Put zero if the account matures this year.

Keep a cash reserveCash reserves are kept in cash and offset accounts (not Fixed interest), but are an alternative way to keep cash aside in pathfinder. For more see Cash reserve goal.

Results for Fixed Interest

See Fixed Interest results.

Related items

Strategy Development Service (SDS) options

If the case includes complex analysis that you are not able to do in Pathfinder yourself, it may need to be submitted to the Optimo Financial SDS. Complexities include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimise what to do with funds once the term matures - This is done by default, and no further instructions are required.
  • Opening a new term deposit - please enter the details in the Scenario notes field (on the Cashflows & Goals) step.
  • Specific instructions for the funds once the Term deposit has matured - however it is worth checking the websolve results to see if what you required has been calculated by default.
  • Fixed interest accounts owned by SMSFs or Trusts