How to submit or resubmit an SDS case

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How to submit or resubmit an SDS case


Our Strategy Development Service (or SDS) is available for cases where some aspects of your case are not yet fully implemented in Pathfinder's online version. These items are indicated by a 'red rocket' symbol (), and should be submitted to our SDS for modelling.

If you would like to submit a case to the Optimo Financial SDS or you have submitted it and have been asked to edit your data and resubmit it:

  1. Log in to Pathfinder
  2. Make sure your case data is complete and correct (once you submit the case, you will no longer be able to edit it):
    1. Select the case and click Edit case
    2. Put instructions for what you would like modelled at the 'Scenario notes' section (at the top of the 'Cash flows & goals' step)
    3. Check the 'Solve' step for each scenario to ensure there are no errors and that any warnings and reminders can be ignored.
  3. Submit the case:
    1. On the home page, select the case
    2. Click the Submit to SDS button or the Resubmit button (whichever applies)
    3. Follow the prompts to submit the case
  4. Once you submit the case:
    1. You will no longer be able to edit it
    2. You will receive a quote which you must accept before we start the analysis
    3. We may send you questions if anything needs to be clarified 
    4. In addition to receiving email notifications, you can track the progress of your cases by seeing the current status on the Pathfinder home page.