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The Pathfinder home page is the first page you'll see when you log in you can return to it from other pages in Pathfinder by clicking Home in the header (top right).

On the home page, you can:

  1. Add more cases with the Add new case button. For more see Add a new case.
  2. Choose a case you have already created and edit or view it.
  3. On the Help menu (in the header), you can find our contact details and links to our help documentation
  4. On your profile name (in the header), you can edit your personal details (for more see Editing your Profile page) and see your Purchase history (for more How to see your purchase history and how many cases you have left)
  5. Use the tabs to view your cases based on their status
  6. Learn more about the home page by clicking the Get started with a short tour button

Explanation of tab names

The tabs (point 5 in the screenshot, above) let you view your cases based on their status:

  • All cases – all cases you’ve added.  The Case type column shows whether it is web-solve or SDS, the Date created column helps you distinguish between cases with the same name.
  • Web-solve cases - these are cases that you have created for a web-solve (and not submitted to the Optimo Financial SDS)
  • SDS in progress cases – these are cases that you have submitted to the Optimo Financial SDS, and which Optimo is working on.
  • SDS waiting cases – these are SDS cases that are waiting for your action, such as a quote you need to accept, questions you need to answer or results you need to accept.  They are a subset of the ‘SDS in progress’ cases.
  • Completed cases – these are cases that have been completed and which can no longer be edited, but you can still view them.

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