Pathfinder Modelling Options

Optimo Pathfinder is online strategy development software where you can model and compare strategies yourself. If your case is outside the scope of Pathfinder, you can submit the case to our Strategy Development Service (SDS) and we can do the modelling for you.

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Modelling options for Individuals

Options for individuals include:

  • A single person or a couple
  • Children can be included for estimating the Family Tax Benefit (FTB parts A and B)

Modelling options for Assets

Asset Type

Modelling options in Pathfinder

Can only be modelled in the SDS

Family home

  • Keep or sell an existing family home
  • Buy a new family home

Convert home to investment property (and vice versa) - a workaround is available online.

Investment property

  • Keep or sell an existing investment property
  • Buy a new investment property

Cash account

  • Keep a cash reserve

Fixed Interest

  • Keep an existing Fixed Interest asset
  • Purchase a Term Deposit or Australian Bond as a one-off or over multiple years

Shares/managed fund

  • Keep, sell or buy shares/managed funds
  • Control balance and/or deposits
  • Geared shares

Insurance bonds

  • Specify required deposits/withdrawals

Lifestyle Assets

  • Used for estimating Age Pension payments


  • Keep an existing annuity
  • Purchase a new annuity
  • Jointly owned annuities

Modeling options for Liabilities

Liability type

Modelling options in Pathfinder

Can only be modelled in the SDS

Secured loans

  • Loans financing investment properties and family homes (including if secured by another asset)
  • Offset accounts
  • Control repayments, pay off loan early
  • Geared shares
  • Lines of credit
  • Refinance a loan

Unsecured Loans

  • Existing unsecured loans only
  • Control repayments, pay off early
  • Take out a new personal loan

  • Refinance a personal loan


  • Existing and future debts

  • Control repayments, pay off early

Modeling options for Superannuation funds


Modelling options in Pathfinder

Can only be modelled in the SDS

Retail and industry super funds

  • Rollover, keep minimum balance
  • Open a new super account
  • Change investment options, keep investment options in a ratio
  • Unusual pensions (e.g. reversionary pensions, defined benefit)
  • Complex investment controls

Self-managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

  • Start a new SMSF/Close SMSF
  • One or two members
  • Investments: Cash, shares/managed funds, fixed interest, properties and their mortgages
  • Loans on shares/managed funds
  • In specie asset transfers
  • Three or four members
  • Complex control of assets

Modelling options for Voluntary Super Contributions and Retirement


Modelling options in Pathfinder

Super contributions

  • Control or optimise voluntary pre-tax and after-tax contributions.
  • Set a non-default super guarantee
  • Spouse super splitting can be included or excluded
  • Super guarantee, Low income superannuation tax offset (LISTO), spouse super contributions and co-contribution are calculated and optimised automatically


  • Include or exclude a transition to retirement income stream for an individual

Account based pension

  • Determine rollovers and withdrawals to meet expenses

Government Age Pension

  • Can choose to include or exclude Age Pension payment estimates

Modelling options for Cash flows


Modelling options in Pathfinder

Life insurance premiums*

  • Life/TPD, Income protection, Trauma
  • Keep, open, close
  • Pay directly or pay from super
  • Increase premiums year-by-year


  • Stop or change value year-by-year
  • Estimate tax offsets/rebates


  • Stop or change value year-by-year
  • Pay directly or pay from super
  • Pathfinder will put aside funds for future expenses

*Optimo Financial does not include research for insurance recommendations or adequacy of insurance cover in either Optimo Pathfinder or the SDS.

Other analysis options


Modelling options in Pathfinder

Can only be modelled in the SDS

Length of projection

  • Can choose between 10 and 20 years
  • Analysis starts 1 July of financial year
  • Projections for more than 20 years
  • Mid-year start dates

Compare scenarios

  • Compare outcomes from different scenarios

Assumptions for returns & fees

  • Optimo has defaults which can mostly be overridden in each case (contact us to set up custom assumptions)


  • Summary reports, action items, charts, detailed report tables, comparison charts
  • Strategy paper and SOA with Optimo default template (contact us for custom templates)
  • Customised results beyond the scope of Optimo Pathfinder are available on request

Items only available in the Strategy Development Service (SDS)

  • Entities: Trusts and Companies
  • Aged Care
  • Reverse mortgages