Superannuation and SMSF Results

For general tips about reading the results, see Results step.

This page lists the sections at the Results step where you can review the results for Superannuation and SMSFs.

Strategy summary

At the Strategy summary sub-step (under the Results step on the top menu) you will see sections for:

  • For each individual, there will be the following sections:
    • Build super section to show their concessional and non-concessional super contributions
    • A section for each superannuation fund they own - this will show the initial and final balances, and information if the fund is opened or closed during the analysis (including rollovers).
    • A section if they are an SMSF member - if they are an SMSF member, there will be section to show shows their initial and final balances for the SMSF
    • A Retire section for each individual to show any account-based pensions and/or lump sum withdrawals from superannuation
    • If there is an SMSF, there will be the following sections:
      • SMSF report - to show the total initial and final balances for the SMSF
      • A report for each asset and loan in the SMSF - shows an overview for each asset (provided that asset is not marked as part of the Optimo Financial SDS)

Cash flows & action items

At the Cash flows & action items  sub-step (under the  Results  step on the top menu) in the Cash flows report:

  • The Revenue section lists (if present in the strategy):
    • Superannuation income streams (i.e. account-based pension payments) from each super fund/SMSF
    • Transition to retirement income streams (i.e. TRIS payments)
    • Lump sum withdrawals
  • The Expenditure section lists:
    • Voluntary pre-tax super contributions, which includes salary sacrifice and self-employed deductible contributions (for any super guarantee paid, see the Super deposits summary report)
    • Voluntary after-tax super contributions (i.e. non-concessional super deposits)

In the Action items section (under the cash flows report), there will be action items for:

  • Voluntary concessional super contributions
  • Starting a TRIS or ABP (including rollover information)
  • Lump sum withdrawals from super
  • If there is an SMSF, there will also be a section listing actions for the assets within the SMSF, such a property puchases, loan repyaments, and initial deposits to cash and shares/managed funds.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports sub-menu (on the Results step on the top menu), the following reports have information about Superanuation and SMSFs:

    • Super fund balances (under Individual name) - this lists all super funds for the individual, including whether it is in accumulation or pension phase
    • For more information about contributions and pensions, see Retirement Planning and Build Super results
    • To see the insurance premiums or other expenses paid from super (e.g. advice fees), see Insurance results

For Superannuation funds, on the left menu, click (Individual name) > (Super fund name):

  • The top report shows the accumulation and pension phase balances
  • For year-by-year deposits and withdrawals, see Transaction account (detailed) report (under (Individual) > (Super fund name) > (Super fund or Super fund pension) report):
    • The Transactions at start of year section shows rollovers in and out
    • The Revenue section, show deposits from contributions
    • The Expenditure section shows expenses, such as insurance premiums paid from the fund, pensions paid
  • Under (Individual) > (Super fund name) > (Super fund or Super fund pension) >Assets and loans there are reports for each asset inside the accumulation and pension phases of your super fund:
    • Investment - for each year, reports the deposits, withdrawals and rollovers, as well as the start and end-of-year balances
    • Under the Investment report are sub-reports for:
      • Entry fee - calculates the annual entry fee, if any, for deposits
      • Investment return - calculates, for each year, the return on the invested funds

For SMSFs, on the left menu, click the SMSF name:

  • The top report lists the total balances for each asset and loan in the SMSF
  • Deposits, withdrawals and rollovers are listed on the Transaction account (detailed) report (under (SMSF name) report):
    • The Transactions at start of year section, lists transactions that Pathfinder models at the start of the year: rollovers in and out of the SMSF, plus the associated deposits/withdrawals from the assets in the SMSF.
    • The Revenue section lists transactions that Pathfinder models as happening during the year: Contributions to the funds, plus actions relating to the assets such as income, franking credits.
    • The Expenditure section lists transaction that Pathfinder models as happening during the year: Pension payments, lump sum withdrawals, tax and expenses, plus action relating to the assets such as withdrawals.
  • Member balances (under the 'SMSF name' report) lists the balances for each individual's accumulation and pension phase.
  • Assets and loans (under the 'SMSF name' report) includes reports for each asset and loan inside the SMSF (for more about these reports, see Cash and offset account result, Shares/managed fund results, Investment Property results, Secured Loan (mortgage) results)
  • Under (Individual name) > (SMSF name) > Assets and loans, there are similar reports as for the total SMSF, specific to that individual's withdrawals, deposits, and balances are reported.


At the Compare step on the top menu, there is a Superannuation tab comparing the total super balances at the end of the analysis with the following charts:

  • Total superannuation at the end of the analysis
  • Profile of total superannuation over the the analysis

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See  Superannuation or SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) for data entry tips, or these links for more tips: